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Simple tips for the gaming community to prevent injuries, improve performance live a healthy lifestyle. Join some of your favorite pros in the 1HP horde to learn how to live well to game well.

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Prolong your Gaming Career

Understand the various types of gaming pains out there, how you can change your lifestyle to prolong your gaming career and learn how we can help you manage your injuries and eliminate any sensation that prevents you from enjoying gaming.


Train to Win

We’ve all been told many times about how important exercise is in our overall health, but most gamers don’t know where to start. Either that or we focus too much on our show muscles (chest and biceps). We’re here to help you with that simple start.


Calm your Nerves

Mindset: Our most powerful tool and the secret to what all gamers want: to win. We are in control of what we focus on before, during and after gaming (especially competitive/professional gaming) – All of which can influence our gaming performance and the stress that comes along with it.


Fuel for Gaming

Often the most overlooked but it is truly the foundation to our health. Most gamers eat what is available to them, out of convenience. I don’t blame them, it saves them time. But in the long-run, it is what is going to keep them from gaming. My goal is to filter through the mountains of knowledge out there to give you simple nutrition tips to follow.