A 6-Minute Wrist Stretching Routine

Welcome to one of the first walk through videos I will be making more consistently for the gaming community. In this video I walk you through a series of stretches you can do after a gaming binge or after a couple of competitive games (CS:GO, Overwatch, League, Destiny, Fort-nite, PUBG, etc.)

These stretches are meant to help relieve stiffness associated with repeated activity and facilitate recovery from these long sessions. While it can be a way to prevent strain or the development of injuries – it is only ONE PART OF THE BIG PICTURE WITH INJURY PREVENTION. I describe a little more about gaming health and injuries in one of my articles: What you need to know about avoiding injuries in gaming

Anyways, here’s the walkthrough 🙂

Please let us know what you thought or if there were any other things you’d like us to walk you through 🙂 and check back in soon for the next one


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