My name is Matt and I am a Physical Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Most important of all...

I'm a Gamer.

I live like I only have 1 HP. I help gamers improve their quality of life and most importantly, their quality of gaming.

Gamers binge. That is a fact. It is the nature of all of the games that are out now. We spend hours grinding to perfect our skills and understanding of the game to get to that evasive next rank or next level. Unfortunately, our health is sometimes, well most of the times sacrificed as a result.

Sometimes we’ll skip a meal. Or we’ll just eat it at the gaming area. Sometimes our wrists hurt but we just play through it. Sometimes the fact that we play games affects how we think about ourselves, sometimes it’s in a negative way.

But most of the time, we’re not sure where to go to help ourselves.

The main problem is that there are TOO many resources out there. Too much information to filter through to help you solve your goals and most of them don’t even apply to the lifestyle of gamers.

1-HP stands for 1 Health Providence and we want to help you play more and hurt less

That means we only have 1 life to be wise about how we manage our health – Especially if we’re going to spend it gaming :P. Live. Game. Replenish. That is the motto. If I am successful, you will leave here with knowledge on how to exercise properly, manage any injuries that you may have developed through gaming, cook and prepare healthy snacks for your binges and wake up and feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror.

Matthew Hwu, DPT, OCS, CSCS

We’ll I’m Matt and I’m just another gamer. I have always been primarily into shooting games but I was raised with the classics: Counter-Strike 1.6, Starcraft (Broodwars), Diablo II, Original Dota on Wc3 (Clan TDA :P), Super Smash Brothers (all of them)… Zelda games… Lineage II. There are really way too many games to list in my gaming history but… I currently play CS:GO and I’m a Global Elite. I also play competitively in CEVO-IM (ha ha). Okay so what…

Outside of gaming I’m a Physical Therapist (Doctorate of Physical Therapy), Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Crossfit Level 1 Certified and work primarily in the orthopedic field. I see all kinds of injuries – Post-Surgery, Sports, Repetitive Strain, Low Back and of course those related to poor posture and work.  I’ve always been very fascinated with the human body and have not stopped learning about it since I first stepped into my weight training class in high school.

I decided to marry my two passions when I noticed how little Gamers – both the hobbyists and those at the professional level – know about their own bodies and how to manage their health.  I found that when I stalked gaming forums, subreddits and even watched some professional gamers stream – there was a very obvious lack of knowledge with regards to fitness and health management.  I discovered that not a standard resource out there that was able to provide simple, easily applied information about health, fitness and the mind for gamers. This is where I want to come in.

Whether it be managing pain, developing healthy habits, finding an easy nutrition plan and even understanding the role of your mind while you’re gaming, I want to be your resource for practical and valuable health guidelines.

Oh and by the way… this is my awesome partner Caitlin.

Caitlin McGee PT, DPT

I’d love to say I got my start in gaming as a physical therapist as a result of my education—an undergraduate degree in exercise science and neuroscience from Ursinus, then a Master’s in Clinical Anatomy and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware.

But I really got my start because my gaming friends got fed up. They told me to stop complaining about the bad ergonomics I saw at tournaments unless I was going to do something about it, so I started doing something about it. My first effort was writing for a website called HighGroundTV. That caught the attention of players and managers who had questions about preventing and managing injuries, so I started writing an advice column to answer them.

Last April, there was a tournament announced near me: Pound 6, back after a long hiatus. I emailed one of its organizers and offered to provide onsite help—education, assessment, treatment; whatever would be most useful. And thanks to the TOs, Pound 6 became my first in-person tournament.

CfC2y-SW4AEgRd5Pound 6 led me to Super SmashCon, which led me to Smash Summit, which led me to Dota Summit. As a result, I’ve had the chance to work with players of every level, to write guides that have genuinely helped people, and to make videos with incredible content teams. Along the way, I’ve also learned how to feed (slightly) less, how to (inconsistently) waveshine, and just how much materials farming is required in Guild Wars 2 to make a legendary (a lot).

I’m beyond excited to have the chance to continue working with Matt and to help this community I’m so lucky to be a part of.


While we do feel we can offer my expertise in the various categories of fitness. We want to remind you we do not know everything but we want to emphasize one thing:


We are

here for you.


We are here to learn and do the research so you don’t have to. We will filter through the mountains of information out there to provide you the most effective health tips – To keep you gaming.

So let us help you Live, Game and Replenish your life. Play more, hurt less. Don’t wait.. get Started Here!

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