Evidence-Based Ergonomics

The Freestyle Edge is a split keyboard designed specifically for gaming. It is the first of its kind: A fully programmable, physically adaptable keyboard with science-backed ergonomics in mind to keep us both healthy and playing at our best. We at 1HP have been lucky enough to receive one of the First Edition Freestyle Edge keyboards (built specifically for their original Kickstarter backers) and have been using it since September 2017 for both gaming and normal daily use. As Physical Therapists but more importantly Gamers, we were excited to test out the Freestyle Edge (especially given their 25-year track record with ergonomics) to assess its ergonomic capacity as well as overall comfort and ease of use. Even though our criteria for peripherals and ergonomic design are quite strict, both Caitlin and I were blown away by the comfort and performance of the Freestyle Edge.

To judge the Freestyle Edge and keyboard ergonomics in general we looked at specific characteristics:

  1. Key Strike Force (Actuation Force)
  2. Physical Customization of  Keyboard Position in multiple planes (Slope, Angle of Inclination, Consequences for our wrist/shoulder position, etc.)
  3. Resting Position of the Wrist in the various configurations
  4. Among others we’ll share in a more in-depth review of the keyboard

Here are our early impressions: 

Matt – PT, DPT, OCS

I’ve been using the Kinesis Edge for about one month now as a replacement for my Corsair K70 with Cherry MX Reds and have loved its overall feel so far. I have been really happy with the “lift kit” which allows for the keyboard to be tented up from 0-15 degrees placing the wrist closer to what’s considered “anatomically neutral”. This has been a missing feature in the keyboards out on the market today and I believe it is one of the major reasons why the Edge can be considered the most ergonomic keyboard out on the market. I want to make it clear that while I have an affiliate relationship with Kinesis – my criteria for ergonomics and the ability of the keyboard to optimize my wrist, hand and shoulder position are strict and I truly believe it is the best option for those who are looking for a keyboard to use for both work and gaming as it provides the best balance between ergonomics and performance. Btw don’t forget the fact that it is a split keyboard (which Caitlin has written about) allowing for more natural ergonomic configurations in gaming  🙂

Caitlin – PT

I’ve had a chance to put the Kinesis Freestyle Edge to use for both gaming and work purposes, and it absolutely tops the list of the most ergonomic gaming keyboards I’ve used. It has the familiar Cherry Red switches (along with Blue or Brown for those who have different tactile cue preferences), but with ergonomic features like a lift kit to allow for tenting, a split design which lets me decrease the side-to-side bend of my wrists, a palm rest that keep pressure off of the wrist while supporting the hand, and a programmable setup that means I can use the left half as a gamepad with my mouse directly in front of my right shoulder. The learning curve is mild, especially since you can adjust the width and the tenting to progressively adapt. For me, the gaming learning curve was made easier by the fact that I can just as easily use this keyboard for regular work–it’s not a gaming-only keyboard, it was just made with gaming in mind.


Disclosure: 1HP Gaming is an affiliate of Kinesis. This review is based on personal experience and professional evaluation of the Freestyle Edge based on established ergonomic criteria.

Give Yourself an Edge – Our Recommendation

The Freestyle Edge is our pick for the most ergonomic gaming keyboard on the market! We love the form-factor and feature-set, and we think the Edge will have a huge impact on the gaming community. While the Edge is obviously great for amateur gamers, we believe that professional gamers could also benefit from split keyboards to play more and hurt less.


Want to learn more about the freestyle edge or its ergonomic benefits?