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Welcome to 1HP

I’m Matt Hwu, the creator of 1HP. If you are looking for simple advice on how to prolong your gaming career, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re like most gamers out there – whether it be casual, competitive or professional gaming – your health is the LAST THING you want to prevent you from gaming. This is where I come in. Here at 1HP I focus on providing simple guidelines for gamers, to keep them gaming.

I’m happy that you are here. It means you are proactive in learning about yourself, your health and how you can not only improve your quality of life, but your quality of gaming.  My belief in helping you is simple:

Live well so you can game well

Your Gaming Career

A healthy lifestyle is truly the pre-requisite for a long and happy gaming career. And while it’s easy to ignore during our gaming binges, that dreadful grungy feeling you get afterwards can absolutely be prevented. Finishing a long boss raid or competitive match and feel refreshed? No way right?

It’s very possible. But there are first a few things you have to understand. Replenishing your HP is about improving four pillars of your life.

Healthy Movement: Posture, Exercise, Injury Management


Movement is an essential part of our lives and whether or not we realize it as gamers: our posture and all the small movements of the hands and wrists while we play are a crucial part of maintaining better gaming health. As a Physical Therapist & Strength and Conditioning Coach, movement is what I preach. And when I say movement I mean paying attention to

  1. Posture: You can think of posture as constant subtle movement. It is how we control our bodies during static positions (sitting, standing, etc.)
  2. Exercise: Specific movement to improve the health of our muscles, joints, ligaments and overall control of our bodies
  3. Injury Management: Improper movement which often leads to pain/discomfort

 We’ve all been told many times about how important each of these are for our overall health, but most gamers don’t know where to start. Either that or we focus too much on just exercise…specifically our show muscles (chest and biceps). I’m here to help you that simple start. I want to help you understand the basics of movement and how to best approach it so you don’t finish your program with skinny legs and massive arms.

Healthy Environment: Lifestyle, Ergonomics, Sleep


It is no surprise that our gaming setup plays a large role in our health as gamers but what we often forget to realize is how our lifestyle affects our health. When I say lifestyle I mean your habits and behaviors throughout the day and even your beliefs on the different aspects of your life. Are we playing for 10 hours straight without breaks? Are we doing anything specific during our breaks? How many hours of sleep are we getting?

Life is not easy, even I’m still trying to figure it out. As a PT and S&C Coach, I’ve learned quite a few things from teaching people how to not only move better, but how to live better. 1-HP’s goal is to help you learn how to better arrange your own life to be the best version of yourself as a gamer


Healthy Eating: Nutrition


Our gaming fuel. Often the most overlooked but it is truly the foundation to our health. Most gamers eat what is available to them, out of convenience. I don’t blame them, it saves them time. But in the long-run, it is what is going to keep them from continuing to game. The problem is that when we look for nutrition guidelines, there is WAY TOO MUCH information out there. Too many gurus telling you that their way is the best.

My goal is to filter through the mountains of knowledge out there to give you simple nutrition tips to follow. I want it to be the least amount of hassle for you, so you can get back to what you love – gaming.

Healthy Thinking: Mindset


Our most powerful tool and the secret to what all gamers want: to win. What do I mean by mindset? This is our emotional intelligence and basically the set of beliefs that influence our decisions.

We are in control of what we focus on before, during and after gaming (especially competitive/professional gaming) – All of which can influence our gaming performance and the stress that comes along with it.

This is truly an aspect of gaming that I am excited to help gamers with. The mental component of eSports is something that is rarely focused on yet can be the deciding factor between the Champion and Runner-Up.

Where do I start?

If you’ve somehow arrived here, you realized somewhere along your gaming journey that you have 1HP. Don’t worry, I’m here to replenish your HP.  There are three posts that I consider to be required reading for anyone who is looking to improve their life as a gamer

  1. What Gamers need to know about Injuries
  2. Gaming Health Starts with Posture & Ergonomics
  3. What Gamers need to know about Exercise

From there, feel free to explore any area that you are interested in. If you have pain, head over to the injury management section. If you want to find a quick and healthy snack to make during your gaming binges, head over to the nutrition section. If you want to work on your coordination, reaction time or just improve your physical conditioning – head over to the exercise section.

There is a place for everyone here and if there is something you are looking for that you CAN’T find, please let me know. I’m here to help. Send me a message and I’ll do my best to help you out.


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The Bottom Line

I’m here to help you. So let me know what you guys think about what I post and anything else you guys want to know 🙂 I’ll keep them in mind as I develop content for all the gamers out there.